How to Move Whatsapp to SD Card

How to move Whatsapp to SD card, today we will tell you about this, you will know that many mobile phones do not have the option to move social media apps like Facebook Whatsapp to SD card. And these apps use a lot of internal memory of the phone. These apps are because the phone’s storage gets reduced, and due to less storage, mobile slows down.

How to Move Whatsapp to SD Card

We cannot delete these apps because these social media apps are related to our daily lives, i.e. daily life. It is because of this that we are always updated with our friends or family members. If your mobile storage is less, you have only one option left, and that is that you can free the phone’s memory by moving these apps to the SD card.

With the memory free, your phone will also work fast, and you will not need to delete the social media apps Whatsapp and Facebook, so let’s know how to do all this.

How to Move Whatsapp to SD Card

Before doing this, let us tell you that first, you have to root your mobile. Only after this trick will work, you can read this post below to know Android Mobile Root and how to root the mobile.

If your mobile is rooted, then to move Whatsapp to SD Card, you have to first go to your mobile’s play store and install an app named Link2SD from there.

With this app, you can easily move the previously installed app on the phone to the SD card. If you have rooted mobile then as soon as you open this app, you will see the message of Root permission.

How to Move Whatsapp to SD Card with Link2SD app

After opening, the app installed on your mobile will start appearing on its homepage, if you want to move WhatsApp, you have to Tap on WhatsApp.

After this you have to scroll down, that is, to move the page down, you will see the option of MOVE TO SD CARD, you have to tap on it.

Now tap on OK, soon after that the WhatsApp app installed on your mobile will start moving to the SD card, it will take a few seconds.

If you want WhatsApp to be installed on an again phone, you have to tap on MOVE TO PHONE, and your app will be installed on the phone again.


So with the help of this app, you can move any app of the phone from WhatsApp to SD card and SD card to phone other than WhatsApp.

Now you must know how to move Whatsapp to SD Card and tell you one more time that this app and trick will work only when your mobile is Root. Mobile routing is quite easy. You can route mobiles with just one app, we have also told about this in great detail, you can learn about Android Root from the post of Root given above.

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