How to Know URN Number in Aadhar Card: What is the URN Number? How to find URN Number

How to Know URN Number in Aadhar Card: You all know how vital Aadhar Card is, but has there been any mistake in your Aadhar Card? Like- Your Wrong Name or Date Of Birth? So, friends, there is nothing to worry about. You can update your Aadhar Card with an Update Request Number (Urn).

How to Know URN Number in Aadhar Card

If you have also updated your Aadhar Card Online and want to check the improvement in your Aadhar Card, today’s post will help you a lot. So let us know.

What is the URN Number?

Aadhaar Card Update Request Number

The full form of Urn is “Update Request Number.” Guys, Urn means that when there is any mistake in the Aadhar Card like Address, Name, or Date Of Birth, we get the Update Request Number, Update Request Number after getting it corrected. It is used to check the status of. This is called Urn Number.

Similarly, the Aadhar SRN Number is also a Unique Number, i.e., when Users update the details of Aadhaar through the Aadhar Self Service Update Portal. It is allotted a Unique Number of 14 Digits, which is called Service Request Number (Sun). . Which tracks the Status of the Aadhaar Card.

You know the meaning of Urn, which is necessary to check Urn Number Status.

If you have also made any corrections to your Aadhar Card, then you must know the following information about how to find Urn.

How to Know URN Number in Aadhar Card: How to Find URN Number

To check the Update Request Number Status, you need to know how to find the Urn No by which you can check the Aadhaar Update Request.

Aadhar Urn Number is 14 Digit Number. Which is given to you to check Aadhar Card Urn Number, using which we can check the update in our Aadhar. Aadhaar Update Request Number is sent to you from your Aadhar via Message on Register Mobile Number. So when you get the Correction done in your Aadhar Card, it is sent to your mobile number.

How to Check Aadhar Card Update Status

You can check the Update Request Number Status by following the steps given below.

To check Urn Number Status Aadhar online, you must first go to Uidai’s Official Website. India Aadhar is the Official Website for Updating.

  • My Aadhaar / Update Your Aadhaar

Now click on Check Aadhaar Update Status in the Update Your Aadhaar Option in the Drop Down Menu of My Aadhaar.

  • Enter Enrollment Id (EID) And Time Of Enrollment

In this, you have to enter Enrollment Id and Enrollment Time.

  • Captcha Verification

Now enter the Captcha that you will see in the picture here.

  • Click Check Status Button

Enter Captcha Code and click on the “Check Status” Button.

  • Your Request Completed Successfully

Now on the Next Screen, you can view your Status Online and find out if your Update Request has been completed or not.

If your Update Request is Successfully Completed, you will see Your Request Completed Successfully written in your Status.

  • Update Request Number Of Aadhar Card Download

After the Update Request Number Tracking Process is completed, you can download your newly improved Aadhaar Card online.

So this was the way to check the Update Request Number Aadhar Status to know the Aadhaar Update Status.

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Urn Number For Sip: URN Number Mutual Fund

Do you also invest in Sip? So you need to know why Urn Number is essential in Sip?

  • Investors have the option to enroll for Sip through I-sip Facility. Investors have to have Netbanking Access to use Sip. KYC is one of the Basic Preconditions for Mutual Fund Investing.
  • Investors have to submit and register their KYC Document with KYC Registration Agency, Eligible for Online Investing through I-sip.
  • Investors can register I-sip by filling the online form on the Fund’s website. Registration Time Pan Card, Bank Details, Address, Amount, Sip Scheme Name, Time All the information must be entered.
  • Once you have entered all the information and submitted it online, then Urn Number is generated, and you will see it on the screen, which is also sent to Investors’ Mobile Number and Email. Mention the Urn Number to complete the Next Step.

Here you get complete information about checking the Status of the Urn Number.


So friends, now you can quickly know the status of the How to Know URN Number in Aadhar Card and correction made in your Aadhaar Card through this post, and you can know the status of your Aadhaar Card Update.

In today’s post, you got Detailed Information of Urn Number in which you went.

  • What is Urn Number and how to find out Urn Number?
  • How to Check Aadhar Card Update Status
  • At the same time, you also know what is URN Number in Sip.

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