How to Fix a Cell Phone if it Gets Wet or Breaks

How to Fix a Cell Phone : Mobile phones accompany us everywhere; more than once, they fall, get wet, or the screen is broken with a blow. How to fix simple problems.

A brush, a blow, a fall. All it takes is a small oversight for our precious cell phone to end up on the floor (or in the water), and its useful life is threatened by a broken screen or a button that does not turn on. A real hock. But all is not lost: except for very serious problems, there are ways to repair it and avoid buying a new one.

Moreover, knowing how to fix a cell phone can help you rescue the photos and messages you saved and save the tickets that a specialized technician charges you.

How to Fix a Cell Phone
How to Fix a Cell Phone

How to Fix a Cell Phone

Undoubtedly, a mobile phone is a device with a certain technical complexity. If we open it and look at that handful of cables, small plates and “strange” electrical connections, we will likely close it without even encouraging ourselves to review it.

But some problems are easy to solve: when the screen breaks, when it gets wet, locks for no reason, etc. We tell you how to face some of them.


How to Dry a Cell Phone

Maybe you were pushed into the sink, and you had your cell phone in your pocket, or you dropped the device in the toilet, or some drink spilled on the screen.

Whatever the reason, if your cell phone got wet, you have to act fast to try to save it.

How to Dry a Cell Phone

These are the steps to follow:

Please Turn it off

short circuits and corrosion are two of the main problems that affect the cell phone when it gets wet. The first is solved by turning off the phone immediately. The second, removing the water as quickly as possible. If you can open it, it is advisable to remove the battery also at that moment.

Dry it and Clean it

We said that the second thing is to remove the water and dry it. Keep in mind that if it has been dropped in dirty or salty water, you need to clean it with a cloth or paper that does not scratch the internal components. If the dirt is a lot, you can use a mixture of 60% water and 40% isopropyl alcohol.

Second Drying

Once you have cleaned it and you have removed the water, what follows is to dry it thoroughly. You can do it with a cloth or paper or also using a hairdryer, as long as it blows cold air. If you don’t have it, use a fan. It is also advisable to remove all the elements that the phone has: in addition to the battery, we must remove the SIM card and the memory card -if it had one-.

Absorb Moisture

It is achieved by putting the cell phone in a container full of rice. To help this method work, it is important to remove all removable parts: back covers, batteries and everything we can remove from the phone. Leave it for several hours for the moisture to go away.

VIDEO: What to Do If You Drop Your Phone In Water

What to Do If You Drop Your Phone In Water

Cell Phone Screen Change

The repair of a screen can be very expensive depending on the breakage and, of course, the cell phone to be repaired. You have to be clear that breaking the glass is not the same as breaking the screen.

Cell Phone Screen Change
Cell Phone Screen Change

If the glass has been damaged, the screen can continue to function without the problem. If instead, the screen was broken, then it won’t respond when you touch it. It is very likely, anyway, that it was both things that were affected.

A good option to lower costs is to ask the technician who will take care of the repair to tell you what materials you will need and that you buy them on your own. If you search the Internet, you will find several screens at very different prices.

Anyway, considering the costs that these breakages can mean to us, it is important to protect our phones to avoid costly damages. You can use tempered glass protectors to take care of your device and save yourself a lot of hassle and a good deal of money.

VIDEO: How to Fix a Phone Screen – How to Change Mobile Screen

How to Fix a Phone Screen – How to Change Mobile Screen

Unlock a Broken Phone

If you are a cautious person, surely you will have your cell phone protected against curious people. With a simple password and access pin or a pattern, you can keep your files and conversations safe. And that is very good. But the problem arises when your phone breaks. If the touch panel on the screen is broken, you won’t dial the unlock pattern.

Unlock a Broken Phone
Unlock a Broken Phone

This will complicate you even if you take it to a technician because, when you change the screen, the phone will reset, and you will lose everything you have saved on it. To avoid this, you must connect the cell phone to a computer and copy your files. But if you have the phone protected with an access code, then most likely, when you connect it to a PC using a USB cable, the mobile’s internal memory will appear as if it were empty.

So what remains to be done is to connect a computer mouse to your cell phone. Yes, although it seems strange to you, doing that is possible. Your phone has a micro USB connector, and most computers require a USB. That is why you will need the USB OTG cable, which will allow you to connect port A (micro USB male) with port B (USB female). This cable is a breeze to use as it is simply plug-and-play.

Simply what you have to do is connect the OTG cable to the cell phone and at the other end the USB of the mouse. So you can click on the dots until you complete the pattern that unlocks the phone.


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