10 Unique Tips on How to Earn Money Online in India

10 Unique Tips on How to Earn Money Online in India, Every single day, more than 1 million new users join the internet. With over 560 million users, India is the second-largest online market in the world. 

10 unique tips on how to earn money online in india

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Programs To Make Money Online

Remember the times when you invited your friends to join Zomato or Ola to get free food or rides? This is Affiliate Marketing

When you’ve got a space online (ex: YouTube Channel), which is visited by a good number of people; you can sign up for Affiliate Marketing; and get a URL, which redirects to a company. 

For every purchase, by your followers, on this URL – you earn money.

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2. YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTube

The finest way to earn here would be to start a ‘YouTube Channel.’ select a niche which other netizens, would love watching: more the views, likes, and subscribers, more money from YouTube. have a good thumbnail, make fewer videos (prioritize quality over quantity), and do collaborations with other people in your niche. 

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3. Instagram 

How to Earn Money from Instagram

Instagram Earn Money, Start posting “OMG!” content regularly. Once you are 10K Followers strong: You can approach brands related to your niche, and offer to promote them. -Sponsored Posts
choose a brand that your audience will be interested in engaging with. Maintain a delicate balance between your regular posts and sponsored posts.

-Affiliate Marketing

You can partner with a company to share a link or a promo code; in exchange for some commission. 

-Sell Merchandise

You can sell merchandise to your audience directly using your inventory. 

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4. Facebook

How to Earn Money From Facebook

Facebook Groups. 

Here you can make a group, attracting people in a particular niche. This offers you to have a community of supporters, even before you make a page. Giving you a big head start.

-Become Influencer

Once you have a successful page with a massive number of likes and followers, you can sign up with a brand to promote their products related to your niche. You can sign up as an influencer on websites like Plixxo or influencer.in.

-Freelance Facebook Marketer

You help various admins to create Facebook-friendly content to achieve maximum likes and comments.

-Facebook Marketplace

Think of this as Amazon or OLX of Facebook; you can buy or sell anything here. 

-Account Selling

Various marketers buy old Facebook accounts for promotional purposes, as Facebook gives more weightage to old accounts.

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5. Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon

Just have a product, which you want to sell. Amazon would find a customer, pack your merchandise, ship it, and even provide customer care services to it. They simply just charge a certain percentage of your income, as a commission.

6. Blog

How to earn money online in India using Blogs

Start a blog, write about all the topics you are well versed with. Keep updating it regularly. Two-to-Three 2500-word articles per week should do the trick.

How to earn money online in India using Blogs:


Subscribe to Google AdWords or Affiliate Marketing 

-Sponsored Posts

Most of your audience gets annoyed by watching ads. Most of them may even use AdBlockers. You can find your potential sponsors at websites like PayPerPost.

-Public Speaking

Over time as your regular readers increase, so does your brand. get some Public Speaking Jobs.

-Paid Membership

Your most loyal readers would be willing to pay an extra; to get additional content from you. You can create an area for them to share more in-depth blog posts, downloads, audio material, videos, and more.

-Question and Answer Community

You can create a question and answer community like Quora or Stack Exchange. 

-Paid Business Directory

Directories accumulate reviews of local businesses, share the best podcasts, or list the best products in a particular niche. 

-Paid Webinar

A webinar is a live session that often includes a question and answers section in the end. 

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7. Freelance Writing

ho to earn money by Freelance Writing

to research and write a good article; you get paid on a ‘per word’ basis, or ‘per article’ basis. 

You can find freelance writing opportunities on websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and Truelancer.

8. Freelance Editing

ho to earn money by Freelance editing

There are simply lots of creators who want their videos edited. But cannot hire a full-time editor for themselves. 

9. Freelance Stock Photography

Are you a passionate photographer, who has got some marvelous clicks with you? You can sell your pictures at websites Shutterstock, Unsplash, and pexels.com.

10. Domain Trading

Domain Selling and Buying Business

You can buy a few attractive domains (Ex: chennaifoods.com, orangeindia.com, tamilanda.com, royalmech.com etc.) and sell them for big bucks later. 

You can buy and sell domains at Sedo.com, Flippa.com or EmpireFlippers.com

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