How to Control AC with MI Phone

To control your air conditioner (AC) with your Mi (Xiaomi) phone, you’ll need a Mi Remote Controller or a compatible infrared (IR) blaster that can be used with the Mi Remote app. Here’s how to set it up and control your AC:

Note: Ensure that your AC unit is compatible with remote control through an IR signal.

How to Control AC with MI Phone

Setting Up Mi Remote:

  1. Check for IR Blaster: Many Mi phones come with an IR blaster at the top of the phone. If your Mi phone has an IR blaster, it can be used as a remote control.
  2. Install Mi Remote App:
    • If you haven’t already, download and install the “Mi Remote” app from the Google Play Store.
  3. Open Mi Remote:
    • Launch the Mi Remote app on your phone.
  4. Add Your AC Device:
    • Tap the “+” or “Add Device” button in the app.
    • Select “Air Conditioner” as the device type.
  5. Select Your AC Brand:
    • Choose the brand of your AC from the list provided. If your brand is not listed, select “Other.”
  6. Follow On-Screen Instructions:
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your Mi phone with your AC. This typically involves pointing your phone at the AC unit and pressing the appropriate buttons as instructed by the app. The app will send test signals to ensure compatibility.
  7. Test and Configure:
    • Test the AC control to ensure it works. If the AC doesn’t respond as expected, you may need to configure the remote control settings manually. The app will guide you through this process.

Controlling Your AC:

Once you’ve successfully set up Mi Remote, you can use your Mi phone to control your AC:

  1. Open the Mi Remote app.
  2. Select the “Air Conditioner” device you added.
  3. Use the on-screen buttons to control your AC, such as adjusting the temperature, changing the mode (cool, heat, fan, etc.), and controlling the fan speed.
  4. You can also create custom remote control layouts and set favorite commands for easy access.
  5. Voice Control (Optional): If you have a Mi phone with Xiaomi’s MIUI and Google Assistant-enabled, you can use voice commands like “Hey Google, turn on the AC” to control your AC.

Please note that the exact steps and features of the Mi Remote app may vary depending on your Mi phone model and the version of MIUI installed on your phone. Make sure your phone’s MIUI software is up to date for the best compatibility with the Mi Remote app.

how to control ac with mi phone


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