How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard

How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard : Laptop screens cannot be cleaned in any way. Tips and tricks to keep them looking new and remove fingerprints, dust, and splashes.

Technology has allowed us to have computers with sophisticated monitors. New materials, increasingly sharper images, and touch functions are some of its benefits.

Therefore, it is important to take care of them and keep them free of dust, fingerprints, and dirt. We tell you how to clean the notebook screen without damaging it or affecting its operation.

How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard
How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard

How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard

The screens of laptops and notebooks are not made from the glass of old computer monitors. They are usually LCD, so you have to clean them carefully. We tell you how to do it according to the type of dirt you want to clean.

Dirty with Dust

Just by being open, your notebook will begin to be covered with dust that is constantly suspended in the air. In this case, the simplest, it is advisable to use a microfiber cloth. This cloth is the same one that is usually used to clean the lenses of glasses or cameras daily.

Step 1: Buy a microfiber cloth. Remember that those designed for glasses or lens cleaning will work better.

Step 2: to begin, what you should do is turn off and unplug your notebook from the socket. This is not just about security. Having a dark screen can help you see the dust that needs to be removed better.

Step 3: Clean using the cloth always in one direction and firmly, but without pressing. Do not scrub or wipe in circles, as you could damage the screen by causing the same dust particles to circulate on it.

Step 4: Keep cleaning the screen until it is dust-free.

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Dirty with Stains

First of all, keep in mind that the same keyboard often generates “spots” on the screen. Our fingers can get the keys dirty when using it, and when the notebook is closed, that dirt is transmitted to the screen. Those stains are difficult to avoid and even more difficult to clean. To prevent them, you can get a soft, lint-free cloth that prevents contact between the keyboard and the screen when you close it.

Now, if that dirt has already reached your screen, it will not be enough to use the microfiber cloth. What’s more, we’ll probably make things worse. It is advisable in these situations to use a soft sponge moistened with distilled water. It is not advisable to use running water because, over time, the mineral remains that it has will show.

Step 1: you should have a soft sponge and distilled water. A kitchen sponge can work very well, but only if it is new. Never use it on the rough side.

Step 2: again, turn off and unplug the notebook from the electrical outlet. In this case, remove the battery as well. Cleaning a screen in use can lead to permanent damage, so it’s best to make sure and turn everything off. Could you not put it on hold either?

Step 3: now, I moistened the sponge with distilled water and drained it well to prevent it from dripping. Next, I proceeded to wipe it over the dirty area gently. If you notice any leaks, clean them up quickly. If you leave it, it can cause problems.

Step 4: Once it is clean, wait for it to dry well before closing it again. It is to prevent moisture from affecting the keyboard.

Bonus Tip: if you need a more thorough cleaning, you can use a uniform mixture of white vinegar and distilled water.

Dirty with Grease, Oils, or Globs

Many times we eat while using the notebook. We all know that it is common for something to fall on the keyboard or for some stain to “settle” on the monitor.

In this case, it is convenient to get a product specially formulated to clean screens. The laptop cleaning liquid has to be applied in a minimal amount on a microfiber cloth. It is best to use a static-free cloth that does not leave loose fibers. Remember not to use a conventional cloth, as you could worsen the dirt or even scratch the screen.

On the other hand, remember not to soak the cloth because it may drip or drip, and the liquid can cause permanent damage. Try to apply the solution to a small piece of the cloth to make sure you don’t get it too wet.

Bonus Tip: Don’t use traditional cleaning products on the screen. The only safe products for your monitor are distilled water or a commercial cleaner specifically made for cleaning LCD screens. Do not use the following products:

  • Window cleaner.
  • Multipurpose cleaner.
  • Detergent or soap of any kind.

How to Take Care of a Laptop

Our computer is one of the most expensive belongings we transport. The everyday use of it makes us forget that we carry a fragile and sophisticated device on board. To take care of it properly, getting a quality bag that will absorb any type of blow or scratch that the computer may suffer.

Notebook Sleeves

Samsonite: offers different models designed to transport computers and are usually good protection. They come in different sizes ranging from 13 to 17.3 inches. In addition, almost all have a neoprene top handle, back reinforcement to prevent bumps, lockable closures, and multiple compartments for the charger and cables.

Jansport: This renowned backpack house also incorporated pieces designed to transport computers. One of its exponents, the Jansport City Scout, has an internal 15-inch laptop sleeve and a cutting-edge front organizer pocket.

Delsey: Although it is not as well known as the previous brands, Delsey is a firm that makes very good quality products. It presents several designs thought to transport the backpack safely. The covers have multiple pockets to organize your belongings and a padded compartment.

How to Clean laptop Keyboard

Eating in front of the computer is something difficult to eradicate. It is best to learn how to clean the keyboard to prevent dirt from accumulating between the keys or sticking to the surface. Maintaining it is key because, little by little, it can generate problems in operation. To clean the keys:

  • Turn the keyboard upside down and, with gentle movements, try to make the dust and dirt accumulated between the keys fall.
  • With a can of compressed air, blow between key gaps and between display and keyboard to deal with the toughest dirt and dust.
  • Finally, use an alcohol swab on the top and sides of each key. Then let them dry before closing them.


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