How to Clean Kitchen Chimney – Filter, Grease, Baffle Filter

It is essential to have a chimney installed in your house, but it is necessary to clean and care for the kitchen chimney, so know here how to clean your kitchen chimney.

You all know how much technology has improved these days, and similarly, the kitchen facilities have also become better. The kitchen in all of us is a place where more and more time passes by the women of our household. That is why we all should put a chimney in the kitchen of our house so that the smoke emanating from the food comes out.

How to Clean Kitchen Chimney

In the kitchen, the chimney looks for the safety of all of us so that we do not have any trouble with the smoke and dirt while cooking. But it is not only necessary to apply it, but it is equally important to clean it. If you do not take good care of the chimney, then your kitchen chimney can be wrong, and not only that, it can also catch fire, and you can be in danger. That is why all of us need to take good care and cleanliness of our kitchen chimney.

How to Clean the Kitchen Chimney

It is essential to have a chimney for the kitchen because, through this, the smoke of the food that is being made in the kitchen comes out, and it is also necessary to be clean. Whenever you put a chimney in your kitchen, get the same done by the export mechanic. Otherwise, the sparking of its plug can cause a fire in your chimney.

If you want to clean and take care of your kitchen chimney, then keep cleaning your chimney filter every 15 days. There are many ways to clean it so that you can easily clean your chimney.

Ways to Clean the Kitchen Chimney

We all do cleanliness of our kitchen every day. But not all of us can clean our kitchen chimney every day. That is why dirt accumulates in the kitchen chimney, and it is not known to do its job correctly. That is why it is essential to clean it.

Ways to Clean the Kitchen Chimney

If you also want to clean your kitchen chimney, we will tell you some ways of cleaning the chimney below. You can use it to clean and brighten the kitchen chimney of your house.

Detergent Powder and Dishwashing Liquid

If your kitchen chimney is not too dirty, then for this, you should mix your chimney with hot water detergent and dishwashing liquid every 15 days and keep the chimney filter clean. The chimney does not get too dirty, and it is also easy to clean.

Use Baking Powder

You can use baking powder to clean your kitchen chimney. For this, you put the baking powder well on the chimney filter. Then you place the filter in a large pot. Add the filter, vinegar, salt, and hot water to it.

After 2 hours, remove the water, wash the filter with clean water, and dry it. To clean the chimney hood, apply baking powder and vinegar solution on it, leave it for a while and ask wet cloth thoroughly. The kitchen chimney will be cleaned entirely.

Use Caustic Soda

You can clean your home’s chimney with caustic soda. For this, first, take out the filter from the chimney and now put hot water in a big plastic bucket or a tub. You lift the filter and put it in a bucket of warm water. After this, add casting soda and leave it for 1 hour.

Now you will see that the casting soda has started its work, and the filth of the filter has started getting cleaned. After that, remove the water, wash the filter, dry it properly, and put it back in the kitchen chimney.

Using Vinegar

If your chimney is not too dirty, then this method may work for you. Remove your chimney filter. Put the vinegar in a vessel, and you dip the paper towel in it. Now clean the chimney with that paper towel. Then after 5 minutes, you drench another paper tower in water and clean it by wiping the chimney.

Get the Chimney Serviced

As service is required for the rest of your kitchen appliances, similarly, your kitchen chimney also needs assistance. That is why you must keep your kitchen chimney service company organized. By doing this, the frozen dirt in your chimney clears, and your chimney also lasts longer.

Get the Right Brand Chimney

By the way, there are many types of chimneys available in the market. But some chimneys require less care, and also their filters last longer. Whenever you want to buy a fireplace for your kitchen, you should try to buy a good chimney brand.

Keep Changing the Charcoal

If you want to clean your chimney correctly, then change the filter installed in the chimney (such as charcoal) for a few months. Because the charcoal filter absorbs oil particles, it cannot be washed. There is less smoke in your kitchen, and there is no problem with cleaning chimneys.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions related to Kitchen Chimney)

Here are often asked questions related to kitchen chimney cleaning, which people always want to ask. We are going to tell you the answer to those questions below, which will surely help you. We hope that this question and answer will also be useful for you all. You should read these questions carefully.

How many days should the kitchen chimney be cleaned?

If you want to keep your kitchen chimney clean, you should clean your kitchen chimney with hot water every 15 days. By doing this, the dirt stored in it comes out, and your kitchen chimney will be completely clean, and it works perfectly for a long time.

How many days to replace the charcoal in the kitchen chimney?

If you want your kitchen chimney to be clean, you should change the charcoal of your kitchen chimney in 2 to 3 months. By doing this, the smoke in the kitchen is reduced, and it is also cleaned.

What to keep in mind when cleaning the kitchen chimney?

If you are going to clean your kitchen, remove your chimney filter carefully, and after that, remove the rest of the chimney parts and clean them separately.


By the way, we all clean our kitchen chimney. But still, we are worried about our chimney cleaning, how do we clean our kitchen chimney. But now you don’t need to think much. Because we have mentioned above all the information related to kitchen chimney cleaning, using which you can clean and take care of your chimney.

We hope that this post will help you in cleaning and maintaining your kitchen chimney. If you have any suggestions or if you want to ask any questions from us, then you can ask in the comment box below. Share this post with your friends too.

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