How to Choose a Drone: Drone Buying Guide

How to Choose a Drone : They are fashionable and have become one of the favorite gifts in recent commercial dates. We tell you what it can be for adding a drone to your home.

They have become popular because we all know what it is about, but very few know why and how to choose a drone and what it is for. We tell you what it is and what you can use it for.

A drone is a small unscrewed flying vehicle that can be remotely controlled, an unscrewed aerial vehicle (UAV).

How to Choose a Drone
How to Choose a Drone

We might think that a drone is something like the classic model aeroplane but much more sophisticated. Its design with cameras, GPS and sensors of all kinds was initially projected to be used in military activities. Still, accelerated development has made these devices smaller, quieter, more agile and complex to fly, with incredibly powerful cameras and, in the military case, more lethal.

As manufacturing costs fell, these devices expanded, and we can now use this technology for other functions, such as scientific research or even entertainment.

Drone Buying Guide

Here we have a list of some of the tasks that we can carry out if we have a drone at home:

These devices have many advantages in suspicious movement monitoring and investigation situations, including the ability to get up close or operate at night and with thermal camera sensors. In this sense, drones provide unprecedented protection.

In some parts of the world, drones are already making home deliveries. China, Russia and Israel are some countries in which deliveries are already made through small helicopters.

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Some hobbyists buy drones for the sheer joy and challenge of flying an object in the sky. Still, the greatest thrill for many is capturing spectacular high-quality photos and videos from an aerial perspective.

Controlling the state of the field, whether it be crops or livestock, fires or other catastrophes, traffic jams, police surveillance in mass events, there is no doubt that drones would be ideal for showing images with the idea of ​​preventing misfortunes.

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The possibility of using drones to create internet networks in areas where it has not yet reached is being investigated. These drones would work with solar energy and could fulfil the tasks of satellites but cheaper and in specific coverage.

They are also very useful for the inspection of infrastructures. The infrastructure inspection will benefit from regular aerial monitoring from pipelines to high voltage lines to towers and processing plants.

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The ability to detect in three dimensions, take thermal readings, and detect metal stress will greatly improve assessment. Small, unmanned platforms that can fly and zoom in on and around infrastructure, such as a bridge or plant, will provide a new level of detail to improve performance.

Overhead monitoring of construction project sites provides new input during all phases of a project’s life cycle. Aerial photography is now done only for larger projects. However, the information would be used more widely and more often if it is more accessible. The ability to quickly model from above in 3D with greater precision will provide an important way to check projects, compare them to plans, and better coordinate materials on the job site.

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As their flight speed allows them to travel huge areas in a very short time, these devices have become very useful in areas affected by disasters and natural catastrophes since they allow to bring the necessary aid, transfer blood banks or in a previous phase to evaluate the Help needed in the area or the way to get to the place.

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Sending drones into hurricanes and tornadoes provides new insight into their behaviour and trajectory. Unmanned systems are the best approach to these dangerous situations, and with specialized sensors to detail the weather parameters, a new vision of these phenomena becomes possible.

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