How to Check Mobile Radiation: What is SAR Value? How to Check SAR Value

Today I tell you How to Check Mobile Radiation and SAR Value, which is connected to us from day to night to sleep, means that we are surrounded by it for 24 hours, but still, we ignore it, which may be the reason for being unaware of its information. But if you remain unaware of this, you can also put your health in danger, so do know that.

How to Check Mobile Radiation_ What is SAR Value_ How to Check SAR Value

What is the Head Value?

SAR Full Form is “Specific Absorption Rate”

SAR Value Meaning is caused by radiation rays that are not visible to us, nor can we feel it, but these radiation rays can be very harmful to us and other creatures.

Though the Sar value rays are in electronic things, most of it is in Radiation Mobile, directly connected to the tower and Satelite.

If the electronics item with a higher Radiation Level can harm your mind and body, then the lower the Sar value of mobile, the lower the danger.

The Sar Value is divided into two parts. First head and body, then when you talk to someone on the phone, then your head is close, for this different Sar Value has been specified and when you keep the phone in your pocket or hand, then it is different Sar Value is specified.

So now you must have understood how important it is to know about the head value.

Let’s know now…

How Much Should be Mobile Radiation

Do you know how much mobile Radiation should be

Different countries have set different limits for Sar Value, meaning if the Sar Value of a company’s mobile is above a certain limit, it cannot be sold in the market. The Sar Value of India and America is equal.

Sar Value In India – 1kg = 1.6 watts / Kg, which means your 1kg Tissue, 1.6 Watt Power Absorb. So this value should be in India.

After knowing about Safe Sar Value For Head And Body, you must also be thinking in your mind that how to know the Sar Value of your mobile? So know about this.

How to Check Mobile Radiation

To find Sar Value, you have to dial Sar Value Code *#07# Dial on your mobile. After dialing the head value code, Sar Value will appear on your screen. If your Mobile’s Sar Value 1.6 Watts Per Kilogram, then it is Safe Sar Value, and if it is not so, you should change your mobile soon because it is not a Normal Abstract Value.

Friends, how important it is for us today, we all know this, but you will hardly know about the harm caused by its Radiation, how dangerous it can be for our health.

Disadvantages of Mobile Radiation

Phone, from which we cannot stay away even for a few moments. We have become so used to phone that even without work, we keep checking our phones every once in a while.

This habit becomes very heavy for us one day, which can also kill our life.

So, know about the disadvantages caused by Mobile Radiation.

  • The only damage to every person is the loss due to Mobile Radiation. There can also be a possibility of having cancer, brain tumor with mobile Radiation.
  • We all know that 70 percent water is found in our body and 90 percent in the brain, and this water absorbs our body radiation, which is very harmful to health.
  • If the Sar value of your mobile is more than the Safe Sar value mentioned above, tell you that you can also suffer a big and serious disease like cancer using such mobile more.
  • If you use mobile for half an hour or more every day, the chances of having a brain tumor in 8-10 years increased by 200-400 percent.
  • Complaints of headaches, constant fatigue, dizziness, depression, hearing loss gradually, weakening of memory, etc., are also due to this disease.
  • So there are some such losses due to Mobile Radiation that cause our death.

But if you want to avoid these pitfalls, then you can adopt some measures.

Measures to Avoid Mobile Radiation

To avoid Mobile Radiation, we can take some precautions, and we can also reduce the risk of Mobile Radiation to some level; let us know what precautions we should take.

  • Whenever you are not using the phone, put the phone in Airplane Mode. Yes, friends, it seems a bit difficult to follow, but if you do this, then you avoid coming into contact with your mobile.
  • Never sleep under a mobile pillow.
  • If you are unable to use mobile directly, talk to Speaker or Ear Phone.
  • If you use mobile more then buy a phone with less Radiation.
  • Do not run mobile with fallen hands because both water and metal are conductors of radio waves.
  • It is best to keep the phone in the bag as much as possible by keeping the mobile in your Shirt Pocket and Pant Pocket.
  • Avoid talking on the call when the phone is on charging because the amount of Radiation of mobile is ten times more.

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So, friends, you went here today. Now you must understand what the role of Sar Value in our life is. All people should be aware of Mobile Radiation because this is why we are connected day and night.

What is Sar Value, and how much should it be. How to check Sar Value And what are the disadvantages of Mobile Radiation, and how can it be avoided. How did you like friends to tell you this information by commenting in the Comment Box? Also, if you want to give any suggestion on this, then they must also tell.

Friends, we will advise you that you do not come in contact with your mobile too much, which can put your health at risk. Share this post with your friends

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