How to Check Airtel Data Balance: 3 Easy Step-by-Step Process

How to check the data balance of Airtel sim, If you are an Airtel user and want to find out the 4G data balance in your number, this post can be beneficial. Airtel is India’s largest telecom company, which has the largest number of users in India. In the past, like the rest of the telecom company, the price of Airtel’s data pack was also very high.

But since the launch of Jio, almost all telecom companies have had to reduce their data balance because Jio had first made the internet available for free. Many users have joined with Jio, and later also Jio has made internet packs available very cheaply.

How to Check Airtel Data Balance

Today we will tell you about how to see Airtel’s Net Balance, so let’s know.

Here you will tell you how to check Airtel’s 2G, 3G, or 4G data balance; there are two main ways which are very easy. Firstly, you have to take the help of some USSD codes as you check the principal balance; in the same way, you can fit 2G, 3G, or 4G net balance in your mobile number by entering some USSD code.

In another way, you have to download Airtel’s official app, My Airtel; if you are an Android user, then you will find this app in the Playstore. If you are an Airtel user, you should install and keep its official app on your mobile because you cannot only know the balance present in your mobile, but you can also recharge with the help of this app when the data or principal balance is exhausted. Huh.

1. How to Check the Net Balance of Airtel Sim with USSD Code

If you want to check the data balance of 2G, you have to dial *123*10# from your mobile dial pad. This code works on almost all India’s states, although very few people use 2G data now because all users have shifted to 3G and 4G due to the Net being cheaper. Due to this, the use of 2G internet has become negligible.

To know Airtel’s 3G net balance, you have to dial *123*11# after this, if your mobile number contains 3G data, its information will come on your mobile screen. At the same time, to know the 4G balance, you have to dial *121# then press 4 then 2. By this, you will get information about any net pack that you have gained by dialing this code.

All these Airtel USSD codes may be utilized to acquire details regarding data equilibrium, chief balance along with other airtel services.

Airtel own cellular number check code

*121*1# or *121*9# or *121*2#

Airtel Main Balance Check Code


2. How to Check Airtel Data Balance via Airtel Self-Care Service

Airtel self-care service is similar to Airtel App.

  1. Go to Airtel Self-care help at
  2. Then, enter your mobile number and log in using the OTP (one-time-password) sent on your mobile number.
  3. Now, you will see the airtel main balance and data balance on the self-care service dashboard.

3. How to Check the Net Balance of Airtel Sim from My Airtel App

If you are an Airtel user and will use it even further, you should install an app named My Airtel on your smartphone. Today, almost all the telecom companies have launched their official apps for information about balance and recharge. The help of which the user can see the balance and recharge on their mobile number.

How to check the net balance of airtel sim from app

Another way to see the net balance in Airtel is the app this company; when you open this app after installing it, you have to verify your number. When you enter your Airtel number in it, an OTP will go on the mobile, verified by writing in this app. After this, you will get to know the balance in this number on the homepage.


  1. Download Airtel App on your device.
  2. Then, signup and login with your airtel mobile number.
  3. Now, you can see the airtel main balance, data balance, and validity of data on the dashboard in the Airtel App.


Now you must know how to check the net balance of airtel sim, here we have told you about two effective methods you must have understood. If you do not have a smartphone, you can take the help of a user code; if you have a smartphone, you can take the use of my airtel app in addition to the USSD code. This app is available for both Android and Apple operating systems.

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