How to Become LIC Agent 2022

LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) insurance company of India is considered a massive company because it is such a company, which issues advertisements for the post of LIC every year to take its business forward. And along with this, it makes agents make insurance-related schemes accessible to the people.

These agents are assigned to mediate between the company and the customer. If you are interested in this post, you can do a part-time or full-time job as an agent or agent by becoming a LIC agent. This is a perfect way for you to earn money. Here’s how to become a LIC agent, eligibility, commission, how to apply. Its detailed information is being given.

How to Become LIC Agent
How to Become LIC Agent

How to Become LIC Agent

Life Insurance Corporation of India is an institution, by joining which people are protecting their lives and the lives of other people. This organization is being run for the last 50 years. You can also join this organization and do a part-time job by becoming an agent, but you will have to apply online.

  1. To become a LIC agent, you should go to the nearest branch of your area and contact the development officer of your area.
  2. After this, you submit your application form to the Development Officer and then wait for your interview when called by them.
  3. Then a date is fixed for the interview by the branch manager under which the applicants are invited.
  4. After this, the applicants who are successful in the interview are selected for the training.
  5. After the training process is over, the applicant has to pass an examination; after achieving success, the applicant is handed over the agent’s license, after which you start working under the development officer of your area. is

Eligibility for LIC Agent

To become a LIC agent, the candidate must have passed 10th or 12th.

Age Range for LIC Agent

The age of the candidate applying for this should be at least 18 years.

Documents Required to Become an Agent

LIC Agent Salary and Commission

LIC agents work on a commission basis; that is, they get their income according to their work, on getting a policy done by the insurance agent, he gets 35% commission from the premium, the agent receives this commission on each policy

How to Become LIC Agent Online

To apply online, the candidates should first register online by visiting LIC’s website agency . After this, a call or e-mail is sent to you from LIC, in which you get complete information about the different processes and rules, you can get only the beginning information from the online process if you need, more If you want to get information, then you have to contact the office for this.

LIC Agent Benefits

  1. Many benefits are provided to the LIC agent. Like the festival, two-wheeler, four-wheeler, housing loan is given with discount in the form of the interest-free advance amount.
  2. Gratuity facility is also provided to the agent. Along with this, he is given the benefit of office allowance, traveling allowance, reimbursement of stationery expenses, diary, calendar, visiting card, letter paid, etc.
  3. LIC employees are also likely to be appointed with agent age relaxation, and they get priority in the interview.
  4. LIC agents can always get lifelong income, and they are also given a pension.
  5. Members of different clubs can be selected if there are more sales.

Properties of LIC Agent

  1. The person becoming a LIC agent should always be firm on what he says.
  2. The nature of a person with a LIC agent should be like an excellent familiar person.
  3. The communication capability of the LIC agent must be excellent so that he can explain the company’s policy to the customers.
  4. The LIC agent should be polite; he should not be angry.
  5. LIC agents should never earn money by lying to any customer. He must be an honest agent.

Here you will find how to become a LIC agent, eligibility, commission, how to apply. Its complete information has been provided. If you have any query or suggestion related to this, then you can contact through comment box. We are waiting for your questions and suggestions.

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How to become LIC Agent

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