What is DM? How to Become District Magistrate? Power of District Magistrate, DM Exam Pattern

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What is DM? How to Become District Magistrate? Power of District Magistrate, DM Exam Pattern

Today every youth wants to work in a big post. And if it comes to becoming a DM, then every young person will want to become a DM. The post of DM is very big and Power Full. And this post also gets a lot of respect. And DM also gets many rights.

If you also wish to become a DM. And are also preparing for this, so reading this post today is very important for you. In this, you will get answers to all the questions related to becoming a DM. And you will also be able to prepare it well.

Let us now know the District Magistrate‘s complete information, which you will get today through this post of our DM. So for this, you must read this post from beginning to end.

What is DM

DM District Officer is called. Who is also called the head of the district? Who protects and serves his district. District Magistrate is also called District Collector.

And they are also called district judges. Each district has a court. The judges who are in the court are called district judges.

DM Full Form

District Magistrate

How to Become District Magistrate

How to Become District Magistrate

Let us now tell you further how to become a District Magistrate, the qualification, and the age limit. We are going to tell you all this information in detail.

Qualification to Become a District Magistrate (DM)

To become a District Magistrate, a candidate must have graduated from any recognized university. Only after having Graduation Pass you can prepare to become a DM.

Age to Become a District Magistrate (DM)

There is a different age limit for each category to become a District Judge. The age limit for the general category is kept from 21 years to 30 years. The age limit for the OBC category is kept from 21 years to 33 years with a relaxation of 3 years. For SC / ST category from 21 years to 35 years, with five years of relaxation.

The Selection Process for Becoming an DM

To become a District Magistrate, the candidate must pass the CSE (Civil Service Examination) to be done in the UPSC. After this, you are selected for IAS. After this, you become an IAS officer. And on promotion, the IAS officer is made a District Judge.

DM Exam Pattern

District Magistrate Exam Pattern

To become a District Judge, you have to pass UPSC. You have to take the CSE exam, which is done in 3 steps, explained below.

Preliminary examination

After applying for UPSC, you have to pass the preliminary examination. This is the first stage.

Main Exam

After passing the preliminary examination, you have to take the main examination. And this is the second stage. Candidates who pass the preliminary examination appear in the main examination. And this is the final exam. After this, your interview is taken.

The Interview

After passing the written examination, you have an interview. In which you are asked some questions. Based on which you are selected.

How to Prepare DM

You have to increase your general knowledge. For this, read Books. Read more Daily News Paper.

You must have legal information for this. So you also read the books of law.
And you can also take help of last year’s question paper, in this you will also get information about the preparation of DM.

Power of District Magistrate (DM Functions)

Let us now know about the work of DM; what are the functions of DM:

  • The DM’s task is to maintain law and order. It maintains law and order.
  • Reporting annual crime to the government.
  • Inspects police and prisons.
  • Informing the Divisional Commissioner of all works.
  • When the Divisional Commissioner is not present, he acts as the Chairman of the District Development Authority.
  • Inspecting magistrates are working together.


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