How to Become a Football Player in India: Make a Career in Football

How to Become a Football Player in India: If you want to become a football player, you should come to play a good football game, only then you will be able to become a good and successful football player.

In our India country and worldwide, the game of cricket is liked the most, and for this, the most tournament is organized every year.

But apart from this, there are many sports globally, which people like very much and one of those sports is football. However, in our Indian country, football is not so much appreciated by people.

How to Become a Football Player in India_ Make a Career in Football

But even then, slowly, people are growing fond of it in India as well. Football lovers are growing slowly in our Indian country, so there is no need to worry.

If you want to become a football player or football player, we will give you complete information about it. After reading this article today, you will know how to become a football player or a football player.

Making a career in football is not so easy or How to Become a Football Player in India, but it is not difficult either. It takes a lot of hard work to make a career in football, and apart from that, you have to be intelligent and fit to make a career in it because this game is agile.

Although football is only a 90-minute game, you will start feeling tired within 90 minutes if you are not physically strong.

Therefore, to be physically fit, you should pay special attention to your food and drink. Let us know how a football player is made and the qualifications to become a football player.

How to Become a Football Player in India – How to Make a Career in Football

1. What is Football

Football is counted among the world’s most entertainment sports. It is played with interest by youth in different countries of the world. The game of football is very thrilling and full of challenges.

Most of the football games in India are played in rural areas. The game of football is called “Rugby” in Italy. Football was first played in Western countries, and from there, the game spread all over the world. Each football team has 11 players, whose goal is to score more goals against each other.

2. History of Football Game

People have different opinions about the origin of the word football. In a football game, the ball has to be hit with the foot, due to which it got the name football. No one knows the true origin of the name of the football game.

According to FIFA, football is a developed form of a Chinese sport, Suzu. The Haya dynasty in China commissioned the game.

3. Selecting Academy for Football

Suppose you want to become a football player. In that case, it is necessary for you to join a football academy, because in a football academy you are told every detail about football.

And you are also given practical training. Apart from this, by joining the Football Academy, you will even know which are the upcoming football tournaments.

Joining a football academy develops your art of playing and gives you a chance to learn new things.

Below we have given a list of some famous football academies of India, where you can join and learn the virtue of becoming a good football player. All these football academies are reliable.

  1. Premier Indian football academy
  2. Tata Football Academy
  3. All India Football Federation
  4. Indian Tiger Football Academy
  5. Kolkata Football Academy

4. Football Player Earnings

Many people question how much money a football player earns, then let us know for your information that the football player earns more than 100000 rupees a month. However, apart from this, they also have many other advantages.

For example, if a football player performs well in a football match or scores more goals, he gets so much money as a reward that whether he gets a salary or not, it does not make any sense to him. Should be

The football player also rewards Rs 5000000 to Rs 1 crore after performing well in a match; besides other items like a gold medal, a silver medal is also received by the football player.

That is why we can say that the earning of a football player is unlimited; the more he performs, the more money he gets as reward and salary.

5. How does Selection Happen in the Indian Football Team

To get into the Indian football team, you have to join a good academy and learn all things related to football in that academy.

After this, the academy officials you have joined allow you to play in football tournaments at the district, state, and national levels.

If you show a good performance in all these tournaments, your selection is made in the Indian football team. To get selected for the Indian football team, you have to work hard; that’s why you should be prepared to work harder.

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6. Why Indian Football Team Does Not Play in FIFA World Cup

Football is one of the most popular sports globally, and every year, the football world cup and other tournaments are organized in some countries of the world.

All the world countries have their national football team, but only the top 32 teams play football in the FIFA World Cup, including our India.

Because India’s FIFA ranking is very low, our Indian country cannot participate in the FIFA World Cup. Whenever our Indian country’s FIFA rankings are made, our Indian government will also join the FIFA World Cup.

7. Football Career Opportunities in India

We all know well that the football game is not very popular in our India, but football’s popularity is increasing gradually among the people in the last few years.

In such a situation, the government also wants the football game to being favored in India, so the government is also funding football separately. If you’re going to be a good football player, you should enter a football academy and do your training well there.

After training, your academy’s officials will send you to play at the district level, state level, and lastly, at the national level.

If you do well in all these, then you will be included in the Indian football team at last, in which if you play a good game, you will also be given a chance to play international football.

8. Football Game Format

The game of football consists of 2 teams, and each team consists of 11–11 players. These two teams aim to score as many goals against each other within 90 minutes.

A break is taken at 45 minutes during a football game, also known as half time. This half-time total is of 15 minutes, and the next match lasts for 45 minutes continuously.

During this time, if a player is injured, the game is stopped for a while under injury time, and then the game is restarted.

9. Measurement of a Football

Initially, football was made from the animal bladder, but later it used animal skin, which kept its shape uniform. If we talk about a football ball’s measurement, then the football ball is a circular ball of circumference between 58 centimeters to 61 centimeters.

10. Measurement of a Football Field

If we talk about the football field’s measurement, then the football field is the size of a rectangle of 100 yards, 50 yards to 130 yards or 100 meters to 110 meters, 64 meters to 110 meters, 75 meters.

The football field’s length is called the sideline, and the football field’s width is called the goal line. There is a line in the middle of the football field, which divides the area into two equal parts.

11. Method of Playing Football

The game of football is played between two teams, each of which has 11–11 players in each group and 11–11 players from both teams try to keep the goal from being scored on their own goals and against the other team. Let’s try to achieve a goal. The game is a total of 90 minutes, and a break of 15 minutes is also taken during this game.

Just as there are umpires in cricket, in football, the referee gets all the authority, and whatever decision the referee makes is kept valid. During this game, there is also an assistant referee, who is the chief referee. Helps.

The football game is started by tossing, and the captain of the team that wins the toss decides whether his team wants to score a goal or save the plan or kick-off.

In this game, whenever a team manages to score at another group’s goal, the football ball is again placed at the centerline, and the game is restarted.

12. Work in various positions in football


The primary function of the striker is to score at the goalpost of the other team.


The defender’s main job is to prevent the opposing team from scoring a goal on its goal post.


In the middle of the game, the midfielder performs the task of snatching the football from the opposing team and speaking to the player who plays ahead of them.


A goalkeeper’s goal is to prevent a plan from being scored on his goal post, but he has to do this by standing in front of the goalpost.

13. Tips to be a Good Football Player

If you want to How to Become a Football Player in India and become a good football player, you have to pay special attention to your fitness. To become a football player, it is essential to be physically fit.

When football players play football, you must have noticed that they have to run a lot to score goals on the football ground.

Therefore you should try to run a three to 4 km run daily. By doing this, you will not get tired quickly and gradually your running will also be good.

Apart from running, it is essential for you to work out, because exercising will bring flexibility to your body and become fit.

You can also resort to yoga to make a career in football because doing yoga daily increases your concentration so that you will be able to focus more on football because the ultimate goal of a football player is to score goals and to score goals. It is essential to concentrate.

To How to Become a Football Player in India, you have to pay special attention to your food and diet. Also, in the diet, you should avoid such things which increase cholesterol or obesity.

You can use cashew nuts, almonds, nuts, raisins, bananas, etc., because eating all these things gives you energy and strength, you will know how much power is required to become a football player. It occurs.

To become a football player, you have to take admission to a good football academy. Apart from this, before taking admission in the academy, you must also make sure that the Academy Government recognizes it or whether the Academy Football Association recognizes it.

To be a football player, you need a good coach, because no matter how hard you try, if you do not get the right information coach, you will not be able to become a good football player to need a good coach. Only.

List of Highest-Earning Football Players in the World

  1. Lionel Messi
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo
  3. Neymar
  4. Paul Pogba
  5. Anders Iniesta
  6. Alex Sanchez
  7. Kylie Embappé
  8. Massit Ozil
  9. Oscar
  10. Antonio Griezmann

What is FIFA

FIFA has a complete form of the International Federation of Association Football. This organization organizes the Football World Cup every four years, and the participating countries participate in this event. This institution was established on 2 May in the year 1904. The headquarters of this institution is in Switzerland. Currently, 208 member countries are associated with it.

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So, friends, this was How to Become a Football Player in India and How to be a good football player; we hope that you will all know what it takes to be a good football player after reading this article.

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