How to do a GNM Nursing Course

If you want to serve patients by becoming a nurse, then it will be best for you to do GNM Course, but do you know all the information of the GNM course that Gnm How it is done.

Do not know?

So today, in this post, you will know Information about GNM in Detail. So let’s know

What is GNM Nursing Course

To do Gnm Course, it is essential first to know that.

GNM Full Form


What is GNM?

GNM is a Diploma Course. Any boy or girl can do this course. This course is for three years, six months. Earlier GNM Course used to be three years, but now six months internship has been added to it.

how to do GNM course

You can help patients by GNM Nursing. This nurse’s job is very responsible. This course can be done from any Certified Institute after 10th, 12th. There should be at least 40% score in 10th, 12th. After doing GNM Course, you get a Registered Certificate, from which you can become a Registered Nurse.

To become a nurse, you must know the GNM information mentioned above.

I am telling you further what benefits Gnm Nurse gets.

Benefits of GNM Nursing Course

Above, you know what Gnm means.

But do you know what the benefits of Gnm are?

Benefits of GNM Course

There are many advantages to doing Gnm Course. As a nurse, you can get opportunities to deal with different types of patients and various kinds of fields. So let’s know about the benefits of taking a GNM course.

  • You can become something different by doing this course.
  • In this, work is different and exciting from day to day.
  • There is reconciliation between healthcare workers.
  • You get many types of opportunities in this.
  • Several Part Time Positions are available to give the nurse flexibility.
  • By doing this course, you can become a Self Dependent by getting a government and private job.
  • To become a Gnm, you must have Required Skills.

Qualification for GNM Nursing Course

GNM Admission Rules

What is GNM Course You must have understood this very well?

Friends, every field has some required Skills.

GNM Required Skills

Similarly, GNM also has Required Skills.

  • Age Limit: Applicant should have a minimum age of 17 and a maximum age of 35 for GNM recruitment. The applicant should not be more than 35 years old.
  • Education Qualification: According to the Indian Nursing Council website, students should have passed 12th from PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology).

Apart from this, it has also been noted that students who have passed 12th Art and Commerce Stream can also do the GNM course.

In this, the minimum required marks can differ from one institute to another; it can be up to 40-50%.

So the applicant must have these skills, then he can go to the GNM Course.

Let’s go ahead now guys and know how to do the GNM course.

How to do a GNM Nursing Course? Career In GNM

You must know what Skills you must have to become a Career in Gnm, but You will know further what you have to do to do this course.

First, you have to pass the 12th class, only then you can apply for Gnm Course. In most institutes, the admission process of GNM is Direct. In Gnm, the student gets a seat based on Marks brought in the 10th + 12th Board Examinations.

While some Reputed and Private Institutes also hold Screening Test and Interview Process in Admission.

In this way, you can apply for GNM.

After applying, the subject which you must read in the Course is given below.

GNM Nursing Course Subject & Details

To do Gnm Course, you have to follow the details mentioned above. You have been told further what subjects you will come across in GNM.

Let’s know about Gnm Courses and Gnm Syllabus.

GNM Subject

GNM Course is three years old, so different subjects are taught in it every year.

First Year SubjectsSecond Year SubjectsThird Year Subjects
Anatomy And PhysiologyMedical Surgical NursingPediatric Nursing
MicrobiologyPharmacologyAdvanced Community Health Nursing
Fundamentals Of NursingPsychiatric NursingMidwifery And Gynecology
First Aid
Community Health Nursing
Health Education
Personal And Environmental Hygiene

In this course, along with theoretical knowledge, you must have a practical knowledge experience.

After completing these courses, students have to do a 6-month internship, which includes Ward Management, Patient Care, and Clinical Nursing Practice, etc. which is part of this Internship Program.

These were the subjects that you have to study while doing the Course.

GNM Nursing Course Fees

If you are doing Gnm Course, then for this, you will have to fill the Fess every year i.e., three years.

GNM Fees range from 23 thousand to 1.50 lakh, which is every year.

GNM course Fee

So now you must have known about GNM Course Fee.

Now the question will be coming in your mind that from where to do this course, which college will be right for this course.

Best Collage for GNM Nursing Course

There are many such Top Colleges to Gnm from where you can do this course.

LocationCollage Name
RajasthanNims University, Jaipur
Uttar PradeshSharda University, Greater Noida
AligarhAligarh Muslim University
Tamil NaduChristian Medical College, Vellore
KolkataInstitute Of Post Graduate Medical Education And Research – [Ipgmer], Kolkata
Gautam Buddha NagarNoida International University 
MohaliRayat Bahra University 
BhopalRabindranath Tagore University
ChandigarhGovernment Medical College And Hospital
VizianagaramMaharajah’s Institute Of Medical Sciences
PatnaIndira Gandhi Institute Of Medical Sciences 

After doing this course, when your job will be done, then know what your Salary will be next.

How Much is the Salary of GNM

Now the most important thing is your Salary.

Annual Salary of a Fresher nurse in India can be around 2.5 to 3.5 lakh rupees, while a more experienced nurse can earn 7.5 lakh to 8.5 lakh yearly.

after GNM salary

The more experienced you are, the more you will be able to earn a Salary. Your Salary Depends on many factors like – Work, Experience, Field, Education, Place, Profile, etc.

If you become a GNM, then you will get so much Salary, After becoming GNM, you can work in many fields.

What to do After GNM Nursing

Friends, have you ever thought about how many fields you can work in after doing Gnm Nursing.

Don’t you know about it?…

So, know how many avenues of Career are open in front of you after Gnm Nursing.

When you do this course from any recognized institute, you get the Registered Certificate of GNM, from which you can step into Medical Science. Apart from this, once you have done this course, you will be able to do many types of government and private jobs.

Today, there is a need for GNM in every private and government hospital. After doing the Course, you can apply for a job in any private or government hospital. In the beginning, you can start your Career with 10 thousand to 20 thousand rupees per month in this field based on your ability.

After doing this course, you can get a government job by applying for the vacancy for Nurse in Government Hospital.


So here you got the complete information about becoming a Gnm, this post will help you a lot to become a GNM.

A game course is not difficult to do; if you work hard, you will be able to fulfill your dream of becoming a GNM.

In this post, you learned.

  • What is Gnm? What does it take to become a Gnm?
  • benefits of becoming a gem
  • What should be Skills to do Gnm Course?
  • If you do Gnm, what will be its Fees
  • You also know college to do Gnm.
  • How much Salary does Gnm get
  • With this, you also know which fields you can do a job after doing Gnm.
  • If this post is useful for you, then tell us by commenting, and if you have any suggestions, then share it with us.

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