What is GAP Certificate? How to Make GAP Certificate – Get Online and Offline

What is a Gap Certificate? How to create a GAP Certificate? In this article, we are going to talk about what is a GAP Certificate? This topic is being written for the students about creating a Gap Certificate; many students will want to know what a Gap Certificate is?

Why does it need to be made and many other types of information related to it, about which we will tell you in detail? Before knowing about it well, we need to know a Gap Certificate, so let’s know.

what is GAP Certificate.

What is GAP Certificate

When you leave for some reason, like you left class XII and after one or two years of that, you want to enter college to start studying again, then you will be asked for this time gap certificate, Without which you will not get college admission. As a reason for why you left these two years of education, make a certificate which is made as a Gap Certificate.

How to Make a Gap Certificate?

There are two ways to create a Gap Certificate, with the help of which you can create a Gap Year Certificate; below, we have told you to create a Gap Year Certificate in both ways.

  • Offline
  • Online

How to Create an Offline Gap Certificate?

We can also get an offline gap certificate from a lawyer; we have to go to a lawyer. Such stamp papers are costly, but you do not have to take a costly stamp paper to get a certificate; you have to get a GAP certificate on the 10 rupees stamps paper; this certificate will also be considered valid.

For this, you need stamp paper, when you get a Gap certificate made to a lawyer, then it may be that you need to get an expensive stamp paper, but it is not necessary.

There is no need to take only ₹ 50 or ₹ 100 stamp paper; for this, you can also use only ₹ ten stamp paper.

After this, you have to get typing done by a typewriter on this, giving your appropriate reason (Valid Reason) that why you could not study for two years, all that has to be written. Later this stamp paper has to be notarized. You must know about the notary; it is the stamps and stamps put up by a lawyer. For which the lawyer can take a maximum of ₹ 50 to ₹ 100 from you.

After doing so, your Gap Certificate will be ready. You can give it where you want to use it.

GAP Certificate Apply Online

Suppose you do not want to get a certificate by going to a lawyer. In that case, you can also use the online facility from where you can get an online Gap Certificate from home, and you will not have to ask to get that certificate through an online Gap Certificate. Will be sent to your home.

  1. First of all, you have to open a website on your computer whose link is- DRAFTER
  2. After visiting this link, your boss will open a page on which a blank form will be given.
  3. All the information that is asked from you in Online Gap Certificate Form will have to be given.

For example, parents’ name, your name, gap region, and whatever other information will be asked, you have to give all.

  1. After this, you have to click on Add To Cart.
  2. From here, you will have to make an online payment of ₹ 219; after doing so, you will register for the Gap Certificate, and your certificate will be sent to the address given by you.
GAP Certificate Apply Online

Gap Certificate After 12th

Suppose you have completed the class, and after that, for some reason, you could not enroll for further studies in college. After a few years, you thought that you would like to enroll, in such a situation, you can go to any college without a gap You will not be able to enroll.

Gap Certificate After Graduation

After graduation, if you leave the studies and do not get admission for a few years and whenever you go to enroll for further studies, then you will not get admission in the college without further GAP certificate, for that you will get the gap for that time. A gap certificate will have to be made stating the valid reason you will get admission for further.

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How Many Days Does it Take to Produce a Gap Certificate?

If you make an offline gap certificate, it will not take much time in this; if you apply online, it may take up to ten days to arrive.


Hope you know what is this information gap certificate? And how is a Gap certificate made? Would have understood if you still go to the full information related to Gap Year Certificate in this article; we hope you would have liked this information. If you still have any questions about Gap Year Certificate, please ask by commenting in the Nice Comment Box.

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