Difference Between MRI and CT Scan: CT-MRI Scan Cost, What is CT & MRI?

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Difference Between MRI and CT Scan

Friends, you must have heard about the city scan, today we will discuss the same subject in this post and explain why the city scan is done and under which circumstances we will get much such information today. Will give you through this.

You all must know how fast the diseases are spreading in our city nowadays, now you see any person around us or any member of the house, if any disease will come out then for all those diseases There are also many tests and scans, there is also a test city scan related to these, in which the computer can detect the disease by checking some crucial organs connected to the human body.

Friends know how CT Scan is, if you want to know about it, then for this you will have to read our today’s post What Is CT Scan from beginning to end only then you will get complete information about it.

What is CT Scan


City Scan was invented independently by the British Sir Godfrey Hansfield and Dr Alan Kormack. Tests done with X-rays and computers can be called city scans, as you all know how difficult it was to detect physical illness in the old times.

But as soon as this invention was done, the use of computers in X-ray machines started to make cross-partial images of the human body, and through a test, it was also found that how old and how old the disease is is. City scan can scan the main body parts such as head, shoulders, heart, stomach etc.

CT Scan Full Form

The full form of CT Scan is “Computed Tomography Scan”.

Computed Tomography Scan

How is CT Scan

Before the city scan, the person is not given anything to eat and drink, and if he is wearing any iron metal or gold jewellery while doing the city scan, they are removed. After that the person is put to sleep on the table inside a large size city scan machine, during this time the person does not have to move at all or else the image of the Scan can be blurred, so the patient is asked to remain in the same position till the end.

A narrow X-ray beam is used by city scan, and it rotates around a person’s body and produces a series of images from different parts of the body. The computer uses this information to create a cross-sectional picture of all parts of the body.

The computer adopts this technique after drawing in several pieces. After that, these images are scanned and converted into the shape of a 3D image, which the doctors quickly see, and a clear picture of all the body parts is visible in it.

Why does CT Scan

City scan is mainly used to treat injuries and diseases in the body as it is clear from the reports that the patient has the disease and which part of the body is affected. It takes a lot of time to do all these tests by city scan and to test these diseases, the patient’s body is scanned with CT Scan like –

  • Muscle disorders and bone fractures
  • To know about tumor (cancer)
  • Cancer disease and heart disease
  • Study of blood vessels and internal structures
  • Estimation of the internal spleen and internal bleeding volume

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CT Scan Cost and Price

Scan NamePrices
CT Knee ScanRs.2350
CT Foot ScanRs.2350
CT Fingers ScanRs.2350
CT Shoulder ScanRs.2350
CT Ankle Joint ScanRs.2350
CT PNS ScanRs.1350
CT Wrist ScanRs.2350
CT Temporal Bone ScansRs.2350
CT Pelvis ScanRs.2350
CT Abdomen ScanRs.3000
CT Abdomen and pelvis ScanRs.3000
CT Contrast ScanRs.1000
CT ScreeningRs.1500 – 2000
Scan NamePrices
CT Head ScanRs.2350
CT Single HandRs.2350
CT Chest ScanRs.3000
CT Single Leg ScanRs.2350
CT Ls Spine ScanRs.2350
CT Lumbar SpineRs.2350
CT Lumbo Sacral Spine ScanRs.2350
CT Nose ScanRs.1500
CT Brain ScanRs.1350
CT Neck ScanRs.2350
CT Anus ScanRs.2350
CT Orbits ScanRs.1500

What is MRI


MRI means it is a machine that takes a picture of all the internal organs associated with the human body, and it is found out what is the disease in your body. After this test, doctors can give you a solution to how you should respond to treatment and never use MRI radiation related to MRI city scan.

Why is an MRI Scan done?

Through MRI scans, heart, liver, uterus, brain, bones, joints, kidneys and diseases inside the body, that is, the whole body, can be examined and the position of the organs without scanning the devices in the body of the patient can be scanned with the help of images. It is readily available from MRI scan gives a unique and robust result that helps doctors identify and treat diseases.

How is MRI Scan

  • First of all, a Galentine Contrast Dye is placed on the vein of the patient’s hands by which the MRI machine can see the structure inside the doctor’s body.
  • The patient is then placed on the table, and a belt is placed on his feet so that the patient cannot make any movement so that the MRI image is clear and the technician will not have trouble in checking.
  • There is a unique magnetic location inside the MRI machine, making the patient feel a bit distracted and awkward.
  • MRI scanning sends the MRI view or picture to the computer as a layer by creating an Impulsion.
  • The patient may feel a sound inside the machine while performing an MRI because the MRI machine produces magnetic energy to take an image in the form of a layer. And if necessary, headphones, earplugs, or cotton can be used to avoid internal noise.

MRI Full Form



Difference Between MRI And CT Scan

So let’s know what the difference between MRI and CT Scan is.

  • MRI Scan uses magnetic location and radio waves to create an image of the body’s soft parts and bones. Simultaneously, a CT Scan is a combination of a series of X-ray images taken on other particles and used to create images. Also does.
  • MRI Scan is considered better as an extension of images and CT Scan uses X-rays while MRI Scan is not used.
  • MRI Scan provides much information about the body’s internal organs while in CT Scan, it provides information about the brain, skeletal and reproductive systems.
  • Both MRI scans and CT scans can see the bone structures of the body. Whereas MRI Scan only provides an extension mainly to the soft particles around the bones of the body.

MRI Scan Cost and Price

Scan NamePrices
MRI head scan costRs.3999
MRI abdomen scan costRs.4999
MRI pelvis scan costRs.3999
MRI single hand scan costRs.4999
MRI chest scan costRs.3999
MRI single leg scan costRs.3999
MRI ls spine scan costRs.3999
MRI lumbar spine scan costRs.3999
MRI lumbo sacral spine scan costRs.3999
MRI nose scan costRs.3999
MRI PNS scan costRs.3999
MRI brain scan costRs.3999
MRI anus scan costRs.3999
MRI orbits scan costRs.3999
MRI knee scan costRs.3999
MRI foot scan costRs.3999
MRI ankle jointRs.3999
MRI fingers scan costRs.3999
MRI shoulder scan costRs.3999
MRI wrist scan costRs.3999
MRI temporal bone scan costRs.3999


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