What are CID and CBI? Know the difference between CID and CBI

What is CBI, What is CID, What is the difference between CID and CBI? If you read the news or newspaper, you must have heard about CID and CBI many times. However, you will also want to know what CID is and what CBI is whether there is any difference.

Since when these two investigating agencies get involved in a criminal case, it becomes breaking news for TV or newspapers. In every country, there are many big investigation agencies to solve or solve criminal cases.

Difference Between 

Currently, there are many agencies in our country that investigate criminal cases. So today we are going to tell you about this subject.

What is CBI

Let us tell you that the full form of CBI is the Central Bureau of Investigation, which is also called the Central Bureau of Investigation, it is clear from its name that it is an investigation agency of the whole of India, every country has a Central Investigation Agency in the same way.

what is cbi

The Central Investigation Agency of CBI is the CBI that investigates the Government of India for crimes related to crimes in the country and abroad such as murder, scams and corruption cases, and national interests.

Let me tell you that the CBI was established six years before India’s independence, i.e. 1941, while in the year 1963 it was named CBI, i.e. Central Bureau of Investigation. The Government of India entrusts the responsibility of investigating any criminal matter to the CBI with the State Government’s consent.

However, the High Court and the Supreme Court can order the CBI to examine without the state government’s permission. To join it, the candidates have to pass the exam conducted by the SSC Board.

CBI Full Form

Central Bureau of Investigation

What is CID

Let us tell you that the CID has a full form Crime Investigation Department. It is an investigative agency that only investigates the criminal cases at the state level, i.e. there are riots, murder, kidnapping, and theft anywhere in the state. The CID is responsible for the investigation. CID is the investigation and intelligence department of the police in a state.

what is cid

Let me tell you that it was established in 1902 at the British time, on the recommendation of the Police Commission. Each state has a separate CID investigating agency, whose authority rests with the state government or the state’s high court.

The state government or high court assigns the responsibility of solving any criminal case of the state. Police employees are given special training to join them.

CID Full Form

Crime Investigation Department

Difference Between CID and CBI

Now you must have understood what CID is and what is CBI. Here we will tell you some significant differences between both CID and CBI investigating agencies, from which you can know quite a bit about the two investigating agencies.

  • The CID investigation agency’s working area is a state while the scope of ​​work of CBI is all over India and abroad.
  • The state government and the High Court are entrusted with criminal cases that come to the investigating agency CID. In contrast, the burden of investigating criminal cases that come to the CBI is authorized by the Central Government and the High Court, the Supreme Court.
  • To join CID first one has to be admitted to the police after that CID officer can be made, while to join CBI, one has to pass the exam conducted by the SSC board.
  • The CBI was established in the year 1941 while the CID was established in the year 1902.


Now you must know what CID is, what is CBI, and the differences between CID and CBI. Most people give importance to CBI more than CID because this investigative agency has access not only to the country but also abroad; that is, if the criminal goes out of the country, this investigating agency does not give up its pursuit. CBI is more famous than CID in the country because whenever this investigating agency investigates a case, it becomes breaking news for the country’s media.

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