Cooler vs AC – Witch is Best for You, Tips for Before Buying AC or Cooler

Keep these things in mind before buying AC vs Cooler. If you are also thinking of buying AC vs Cooler this summer, keep these things in mind before you buy AC or Cooler so that you do not buy any wrong AC or cooler, and you will suffer any loss.

Nowadays, the heat is getting too much, which is getting a little smiling when we are in the office or at home, we cannot get rid of heat anywhere. Along with the heat, Umash is also falling. In such a situation, to get rid of the weather, we start thinking about installing AC and Coolers in addition to fans. Because, as the heat comes, the fan air also becomes hot.

Now the time has come that we should think about replacing our fans with AC or Coolers. Because of this, at least we can get relief from a little heat inside our house. If you are thinking of buying AC vs Cooler then this post is of your use, we will tell you that before buying AC vs Cooler, keep these things in mind and bring home a suitable AC vs Cooler.

Keep these things in mind before buying AC or Cooler

As of March, April comes, the summer season starts, and we all get upset by the heat. In the past, it was probably not so hot. Nowadays, due to congestion everywhere, the weather is getting much higher what we do not do in our homes to get rid of this scorching heat. Still, we are not able to get rid of the sweltering heat. As summer comes, we all give our home fans, coolers, and ACs to repair or start thinking about buying new ones so that we can get some relief from this terrible heat.

Keep some things in mind when buying AC

As the summer season approaches, the demand for AC, more cooling increases, and if we are fully aware of it, then it becomes straightforward to buy it. Otherwise, we may have to pay heavy losses while purchasing AC. That is why it is essential to know all the information related to AC while purchasing AC, only then you can buy a better AC for yourself.

Apart from this, you have to keep in mind where to install the AC and what type of AC you want. Only then will you be able to buy a better AC for yourself. We have told you some things to keep in mind while buying AC, due to which you can buy a better one for yourself.

Take Care of Room Size

If you are thinking about buying AC for yourself, then you first think about the size of AC because the scope of this is significant. If your room is big, then you should take the AC accordingly. Otherwise, AC will not work correctly. Your room will not be cold, or your home’s electricity consumption will increase. That’s why whenever you buy such, buy keeping your place in mind.

Take Care of AC capacity

Whenever you are thinking of buying AC, keep in mind the capacity of AC. Because before buying such, you should know what capacity you need to keep your house cool. If the size of your room is small, do not install AC of low capacity. Otherwise, you should install AC according to your room. Only then will your AC work well. Otherwise, you will not get any particular benefit by installing AC.

Keep in Mind the Star Rating.

Whenever we buy AC for ourselves, firstly we start worrying about electricity bills. We do not understand which one to take and which not to take. That is why whenever you buy any AC for yourself, you should always check the AC’s level rating. ACs that have a higher rating consume less power.

Best Inverter AC in India

LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Dual Inverter AC – White  (LS-Q18JNXA, Copper Condenser)


  • 1.5 Ton: suitable for room size up to 150 sq ft
  • 3 Star BEE Rating 2020: For energy savings up to 15% (compared to Non-Inverter 1 Star)
  • Auto Restart: No need to manually reset the settings post-power-cut
  • Copper: Energy efficient, best in class cooling with easy maintenance.
  • Sleep Mode: Auto-adjusts the temperature to ensure comfort during your sleep
LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Dual Inverter AC - White  (LS-Q18JNXA, Copper Condenser)
LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Dual Inverter AC - White  (LS-Q18JNXA, Copper Condenser)

Keep These Things in Mind When Buying a Cooler

We get relief from the heat by using coolers. Along with this, electricity bills are also reduced due to the use of coolers. That’s why most people use coolers. Despite this, some people are not aware of some things while buying a cooler, and due to this they suffer huge losses, so whenever you go to buy a cooler for yourself, follow our tips given below, and it will help you Buy a better cooler for yourself that will last longer and can relieve you from heat to a great extent.

Take Care of the Design

Whenever you all go to buy any cooler for yourself, first of all, you choose a cooler of your choice. There are many varieties and designs of coolers available nowadays, such as the oval, small fan-shaped, triangular design, round, undetected, and how many coolers are available in the market. Whichever cooler design you like, you can buy any of these coolers to your liking.

Mind the Prize

Whenever we go to buy in the same market, first of all, our attention is on the price of the goods. We like to purchase any item according to our budget. That is why whenever you go to buy a cooler, but according to your budget, because there is a lot of difference in their price due to the variety of coolers.

If you are not getting cooler reasonable prices at the shop near you, you can search by looking online. It is possible that you find a cooler of choice online and also in your budget.

Mind the Brand

Nowadays, due to the heat, there are many coolers available in the market. In which a relatively good range of branded and non-branded is available. Although a non-branded cooler is available at low prices while giving a feel of cold air, no one knows which parts are damaged. So whenever you buy a cooler for your home, buy a branded Kular.

It’s the perfect option available in the market. You can choose the brand of your choice from it, and you can buy a good and branded cooler for yourself. You can also get a warranty with branded coolers, so you can rest assured that you can use your cooler for one or two years.

Best Air Cooler in India

1. Hindware 85 L Desert Air Cooler  (Lavender, SNOWCREST 85-H)


  • Tank Capacity: 85 L
  • Power Consumption – Cooling: 200 W
  • Cooling Area: 450 sqft
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Type: Desert
  • Air Throw: 40 ft
  • Height: 87 cm
1. Hindware 85 L Desert Air Cooler  (Lavender, SNOWCREST 85-H)

2. Maharaja Whiteline 65 L Room/Personal Air Cooler  (White, Black, Hybridcool 65 Remote)


  • Tank Capacity: 65 L
  • Power Consumption – Cooling: 180 W
  • Cooling Area: 750 sq ft
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Type: Room/Personal
  • Air Throw: 52 ft
  • Height: 124.5 cm
2. Maharaja Whiteline 65 L Room/Personal Air Cooler  (White, Black, Hybridcool 65 Remote)

3. Havells 55 L Desert Air Cooler  (White, Grey, Celia)


  • Tank Capacity: 55 L
  • Power Consumption – Cooling: 220 W
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Type: Desert
  • Height: 111.5 cm
3. Havells 55 L Desert Air Cooler  (White, Grey, Celia)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions related to AC and Cooler)

Here are frequently asked questions related to AC and Coolers, which people always want to ask. We will tell you the answer to the same questions below, which will help you buy a good cooler and AC. We hope that this question and answer will also be useful for you, so you must read these questions.

Is Cooler Buying Right Or AC?

We use both cooler and AC to get rid of heat. But the power consumption in these two varies. If you take a cooler, it consumes less electricity and the electricity bill from AC is higher. On the other hand, AC cools more and cooler does not cold that much.

Where to buy AC or Cooler?

If you are looking to buy an AC or Cooler for yourself, you can visit the nearest shop and see the cooler. There you will find lots of AC, cooler variety, and designs. You can buy any AC or Cooler according to your choice, and if you want, you can also look online.

Which brand to buy AC or Cooler?

If you want your AC or Cooler to last longer, then you should choose a good brand. By the way, there are many brands and designs available in the market. But it would help if you always wanted a good brand. Because a good brand has chosen AC or Cooler lasts a long time, and it also gets a good warranty. So if your AC or Cooler gets damaged, you can get it repaired quickly.

Is it right to buy AC or Cooler online?

Yes, of course, you can buy AC or Cooler online as well. You will get lots of options online, and not only that, but you can also get a discount on buying AC or Cooler online. If your AC or Cooler is found wrong, you can replace it immediately and get another one; there will be no problem.


We can sleep peacefully throughout the night using AC and coolers. Use of them gives a little relief from the heat, that’s why we have to think a short while buying AC and cooler, what to keep in mind while buying AC and cooler so that we can buy a good cooler and AC for ourselves and this terrible To get rid of heat, But now you do not have to worry while buying cooler and AC, because we have given you all the information related to AC and cooler above. With which you can buy a good cooler and AC for yourself. We hope that this post of ours will help you purchase good AC and cooler. If you want to ask any question related to AC or cooler, then you can ask in the comment box below.

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