Can a Foreigner Get Aadhar Card in India

Aadhar cards in India were primarily issued to Indian residents, including citizens and certain categories of foreign residents. The eligibility criteria for obtaining an Aadhar card in India typically included the following:

  1. Residency in India: To be eligible for an Aadhar card, you usually needed to be a resident of India. This included Indian citizens, foreign nationals residing in India for an extended period, and certain categories of foreign residents such as long-term visa holders.
  2. Biometric and Demographic Data: To enroll for an Aadhar card, individuals were required to provide their biometric data (fingerprints and iris scan) and demographic information. Foreigners residing in India were required to submit relevant documents supporting their identity and address.
  3. Length of Stay: The Aadhar enrollment process for foreign residents often depended on the duration of their stay in India. Long-term visa holders, such as those with visas for more than 182 days, were typically eligible to apply for an Aadhar card.

It’s essential to note that policies and regulations regarding Aadhar cards may change over time. Therefore, if you are a foreigner residing in India and are interested in obtaining an Aadhar card, I recommend checking the latest guidelines and eligibility criteria on the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) or contacting UIDAI or a local Aadhar enrollment center for the most current information and assistance.

Please also keep in mind that my knowledge is based on information, and there may have been updates or changes in the Aadhar card enrollment process for foreigners since then.

Can a Foreigner Get Aadhar Card in India

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