Best Hashtags for Instagram (Complete Guide) How to Grow Instagram

Best Hashtag For Instagram. The best way to get known on Instagram is to find the best hashtags. Hashtags are “a type of metadata tag used on social networks,” which simply means they relate to a large amount of data on a social network. Hashtags make your post more discoverable.

Best Hashtags for Instagram (Complete Guide)
Best Hashtags for Instagram (Complete Guide)

How do I find the best Instagram hashtags?

What kind of content are you offering? What kind of people are you trying to reach out to? How many followers do you have? What is the average number of likes you get per post?
The best hashtags on Instagram are different for each person. Best Hashtag For Instagram.

The Generic Hashtag

If you need to appeal to a larger audience, use generic hashtags. This audience does not care about a certain brand or industry. These hashtags have millions, of posts, and though the chance of your post getting lost is high, the chance that millions of people might see it exists if your post is catchy enough and does well in the micro-test. Eg: #love #instagood #instalove #tbt #photooftheday #beautiful #fashion #cute

Pros: A larger audience

Cons: High competition with other posts, doesn’t target a specific audience

Relevant Domain hashtags

Part of finding the best hashtags on Instagram involves analyzing what your post is really about. Do you want to move people with your poetry? Then your post should be a poem or at least something about poetry. So, use #poetry #poem #poems with your post. They can connect you with a large audience in a more specific domain.

Unique hashtags

These are hashtags that are unique to your company or content. They provide a certain identity to you and give you the branding benefits Instagram can offer. They’re useful only if people know about you and your content. #manishmalhotra singles Manish Malhotra out from the rest of the #fashion posts. Best Hashtag For Instagram.

Steps to finding the best hashtags for Instagram

Best Hashtags for Instagram (Complete Guide)
Best Hashtags for Instagram (Complete Guide)

Step 1: Know your competitors

Take into consideration the number of followers, posts, and the average number of likes, views, and shares you get per post. Look at a competitor’s stats, the kind of hashtags they use, and categorize them according to how generic, relevant, and unique they are. If your content is catchy and does well in the micro test, then you can expect just as many views.

Step 2: Know your hashtags

Remember this: Just because you have all the relevant hashtags, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the best Instagram hashtags.
You should compare the number of followers and average likes per post you have, with the number of posts a particular hashtag has. Check out the kind of posts that hashtag hosts, and see if your content 1) is relevant and 2) has a chance of giving good competition to the other posts.

Step 3: Know the ladder

Imagine the different hashtags in successive order of how many posts they each contain, like the rungs of a ladder. You have to conquer the hashtag with 144k posts first before moving on to stand out in the hashtags with 507k or 89M posts.

The reason why you have to go one by one is simple- The criteria for rank in the hashtag is how much engagement your post gets and how fast you get that engagement. You are bound to do better in the micro test when there are fewer posts to compete with. Best Hashtag For Instagram.

Little competition means that the first few people that see your post will find it more engaging than the others (provided you have catchy posts) This will enable you not only to breeze through the micro test but also give the algorithm the necessary inputs required to do well in subsequent micro tests. 

If you do well in 144k posts, then you are likely to do well later on in 507k and further 89M posts, consequently exposing your channel to a larger and more varied audience.

Step 4: Know how to enhance your post

While it is crucial to include hashtags it is equally important to make sure you have an engaging post in the first place. Here are some tips to augment the quality of your post, so that the usage of hashtags will further enhance its propagation. 

Best Hashtags for Instagram post
Best Hashtags for Instagram post

1. Make it bright: 

Humans are programmed to notice things that are brighter than the contrast, which is why Instagram’s wall is all gray. Use the filters to make the picture brighter and contrasted (in a limited way, we don’t want to mislead people!)

2. A picture speaks a thousand words: 

Avoid using too many words, and try your best to convey as much meaning as possible with pictures. 

3. Less is more: Don’t overdo it, 

your content should be clear and easy to understand without too much effort necessary to understand it.

Best Hashtag For Instagram.

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