Agarbatti Business | How to Start Agarbatti Business

Start a business of making incense sticks (Agarbatti Business) at home and earn more profits at a lower cost, Our country is considered a religious country, almost all the major religions are found in the world, nearly all of them also exist in India, every religion has its festivals, and a different method of worship through which they worship their favourite every Some special things are needed for worship in faith, including flowers, water, garlands, etc. One of these things is incense sticks, which are used in the worship method of almost every religion.

If you are wondering why we are talking about incense sticks, then tell you that making incense sticks is such a business, by which you can earn very well.

How to Start Agarbatti Business
How to Start Agarbatti Business

Our India is the biggest market for agarbatti business, which always meets all the countries around the world. Agarbatti company continues in India throughout the year, in every household, whether it is a full-fledged or middle-class family, at home. If the incense sticks remain, if you are looking for a good business, you can also think about making incense sticks, so let us know in detail how the business of making incense sticks is done. How much can this business benefit? If you have these questions in your mind about how to start making incense sticks, you must read this business plan.

Agarbatti Business | How to Start Agarbatti Business

What is the scope of the incense sticks business?

Agarbatti Business

If you are thinking about the future of this business, let us know that making incense sticks is a business in which we make that is related to the beliefs and feelings of people, the most use of incense sticks in religious rituals. Apart from this, people use aromatic incense sticks to spread fragrance in their homes, so there is no need to worry about the future of this business.

This is a business whose market is always going to live in India, so if your policies are correct Is, and if you work hard, then you will surely be able to achieve a good position in the business of making incense sticks, as well as a source of good earning.

How to start a business of making incense sticks?

Agarbatti manufacturing machine
Agarbatti Manufacturing Machine

Making incense sticks can be started in 2 levels; it depends on how big you want to keep the size of the business; even if you have less capital, you can start this business even on a small level. There is no need for any registration to start. If you want to produce incense sticks on a large scale, you will have to register your company.

There are four types of incense sticks

  • Masala Agarbatti
  • Aromatic incense sticks
  • Plain incense sticks
  • Mosquito Agarbatti

It depends on you which incense sticks you want to do business with.

Agarbatti Making Business Plan

1) Choose the right place to start incense sticks business

Agarbatti Business If you are thinking of starting, you should find a place where you can create a business without any hassle; the first place is needed to start this business if you want to start this business at a small level. But if you are beginning, then you can create it from your home too, you need so much space so that you can keep the incense sticks and your material safe, and if you want to do it in a big way, then you need to have at least 1500 square feet of space. Must choose

For this you will need at least three rooms where you can set up incense sticks machine in one room, you can keep incense sticks material in another room and the third room, you can keep incense sticks powder mixer machine, if you choose the right place, then you will get help from this business. Can make maximum profit

2) Choose agarbatti manufacturing machine

Agarbatti Manufacturing Machine
Agarbatti Manufacturing Machine

After this, the main resource is that incense sticks making machine, you will need it, you will have to buy incense sticks making machine, you will get this place in Trade India, Shopeclue, Indiamart and many more.

a) Manual incense sticks machine (pedal type)

Manual incense sticks are very easy operating machine machines that do not require much maintenance; anyone can run this machine without training. It is very easy to make incense sticks from the device just by sitting on the machine itself. Pedals have to die from the feet; there is no need for electricity in it so that you can make a good production. This machine can produce 15 to 20 kg incense sticks in 8 hours, and this machine is cheap and durable. The rate of this machine is from 13000 to 15000. The weight of this machine is 100 kg.

b) Semi-Automatic incense sticks machine

Agarbatti Manufacturing Machine
Agarbatti Manufacturing Machine

Semi-Automatic Agarbatti machine speed is connected to the manual machine; it can take 8 to 10 kg incense sticks in 1 hour and removes more than 200 incense sticks in one minute. This machine runs on electricity. It would be very easy to operate the machine. You can make 80 to 100 kg incense sticks in 8 hours with this machine; you will get this machine at India Mart for 85 thousand. The weight of this machine is 120kg.

c) 6G High-Speed ​​Water Cooling System

Agarbatti Manufacturing Machine
Agarbatti Manufacturing Machine

These are high-speed incense stick making machines; this machine has a higher speed than all other incense sticks making machines. This machine has a cooling system that keeps the engine cool. This machine makes 300 incense sticks in 1 minute and removes 14 to 15 in 1 hour. Kg makes incense sticks in 8 hours. This machine makes 150 kg incense sticks comfortably. The cost of this machine ranges from 125 thousand to 130. If you have to do the business of agarbattis in a big way, then this machine is very beneficial for you. The more you produce in agarbatti making business, the more your profit will be.

d) Agarbatti powder mixing machine

Agarbatti Powder Mixing Machine
Agarbatti Powder Mixing Machine

To make agarbatti masala in this machine, agarbatti powder is mixed. This agarbatti spice is prepared; in this machine, four types of agarbatti powder are added, such as if you want to make 5 kg of agarbatti masala from everyone. First, you need 3 kg Charcoal powder, 1kg Wood powder. 1kg Jigat powder and 50-gram Chemical powder have to be put in this incense sticks mixture machine and add water and start the engine. This machine mixes all the powders very well, and in a few minutes, add the agarbatti seasoning. This machine is ready; you will get 28 to 30 thousand in the market; with this machine, you can prepare 15 to 20 kg of incense sticks at one time.

e) Agarbatti dryer machine

Agarbatti Dryer Machine
Agarbatti Dryer Machine

Incense sticks drying machine is also very useful when the incense sticks are prepared from the device, then the incense sticks have to be dried immediately. If the incense sticks are not dried at the right time, then people are afraid of the incense sticks, so people use this machine. Let’s do this machine can dry 120 to 140 kg incense sticks in 8 hours, and you will get 25 to 30 thousand in this market.

3) Agarbatti raw matarial

In the agarbatti business, India comes in number and the materials required for making incense sticks are easily available in India. Today, the business of making incense sticks is being done in every city, so you will not have to wander much, just your city. You will have to find out where it is found all the same, apart from this if you want, you can also find out the material used in incense sticks with the help of the internet.

All these ingredients are needed to make incense sticks.

  • Charcoal Powder
  • Jagat Powder
  • Wood Powder
  • Saw Dust Powder
  • Nadwa powder
  • Bamboo China Sticks
  • Chemical Powder
  • Sandalwood Powder
  • Aroma Oil
  • Paper box
  • Wrapping paper

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